Flamagas, S.A. ( considers its main target to guarantee the privacy of all their Clients´ Personal Data obtained through any web page included in their website, electronic mail or any other means of communication.

On that account, with the present Privacy Policy (from now on, Policy), Flamagas S.A. wants to inform our web site Clients/Users about their Personal Data Protection Policy, so that all Clients/Users decide whether they wish or not to facilitate Flamagas S.A. ( their personal details in case they may be required or obtained through surveys, request for information, subscriptions or registrations by any Flamagas S.A. services.

Therefore, Flamagas S.A. states and compromises on guaranteeing the legal demands stipulated in the Organic Law 15/99 on Personal Details Protection in the Law-Ranking Decree 994/1999 about Security Measures of computerized files, and the remaining regulations on this matter.

This present Policy reviews the following points

1) File ownership

2) Collecting and processing

3) Using Cookies

4) Links (Hyperlinks)

5) Communicating and/or transferring information

6) Security means

7) Rights to access, correct, cancel and oppose.

8) Privacy right

9) Policy change

Hence, in compliance with the Law 15/1999, entered in December, on Personal Privacy Details, in accordance with Article 5, which regulates the right of information about collecting data, through this present document, Flamagas S.A. ( wants to give notice of the following points:

1. File ownership

Flamagas, S.A. C/ Metalurgia, 38-42, second floor, 08038 Barcelona - Spain, with V.A.T. registered number A08116758 and e-mail address is the owner of all the personal data included their Data File and therefor responsible of its data processing.

2. Collecting and processing data

Personal Details. Clients/Users Personal Data may be requested through Flamagas, S.A. online forms .Personal Details given by the Client/User through the web page, electronic mail or any other means of communication will be included in a computerized file (from now on “Personal Data File”) that complies with the demand of the present Spanish legislation.

In all the forms used to collect personal details, questions marked with an asterisk will indicate the obligatory data requested. Declining to answer, falsehood or inaccuracy will prevent from offering any service that the form is created for. Flamagas, S.A. declines responsibility for any problem or failure that may arise from inaccurate, false or incomplete data given by the user.

Questions without asterisk are free to answer, so you may or not respond without consequences in the provision of our services.

The Client/User guarantees that any Personal Details facilitated to Flamagas, S.A. are true and any detail change will be communicated.

Purposes. Any Personal Details will be computer processed by Flamagas, S.A. The purpose of collecting and processing Personal Data is:

(1) To establish and maintain a relationship with Flamagas, S.A. Clients/Users like implementation, administration, provision, extension and improvement of any requested service and to adapt and renew these services to the Clients preferences.

(2) To administer the online information service, download documentation, products and services of

(3) To answer the Clients questions.

(4) To send, by mail or electronic mail any technical, operating and commercial information of Flamagas, S.A. services.

(5) To conduct surveys of the use of Flamagas, S.A. services. The purpose of collecting and processing personal data includes sending the Clients survey forms of volunteer answer.

Consent: when transferring information through any online form that may incorporate personal details or electronic mail, the Client/User, according to the present Privacy Policy, does consent the provided personal details to be included into the Personal Data File and to be computer processed by Flamagas, S.A. (

The Client/User does consent and authorizes Flamagas, S.A. to transfer personal data to those entities required in order to fulfil this Policy. When asking for Personal details Flamagas, S.A. ( will include a Hyperlink (“link”) regarding the present Policy with the intention of informing the Clients of their rights and duties with respect to Personal Data Protection.

Staff responsible of processing: Flamagas, S.A. can hire any individual or legal entity to process personal data. If that is the case, Flamagas, S.A. will regulate contractually with third parties the use and confidentiality of the Personal data, according to what is stipulated in this Policy and in the article 12 of the Organic Law on Personal Data Protection.

3. Using Cookies.

Flamagas, S.A. ( can use “cookies” when Clients/Users visit any of its web pages. A “cookie” is defined as a text file that a website stores in your hardware containing clients´ information, but certainly not personal data. Once your browser is turned off, “cookies” installed in your hardware will stop working.

Flamagas S.A. ( reserves the right to use their “cookies” to obtain a higher effectiveness in our Clients online services. By accepting our “cookies” the User will benefit from saving time, as the client does not have to verify the register process repeatedly. Moreover using “cookies” permits to determine the Users´ interests and make their website visit easier.

The User can configure the browser in order to get screen warning to indicate that “cookie” detection is in progress and to prevent any cookie installation on your computer. Therefore, it is important that in case you do not wish any cookie installation you configure your browser to do so. Even if you may have configure your browser to reject “cookie” installation, the User can visit our website with the only disadvantage that it will not be possible to participate in each and every offered service. Flamagas, S.A. is not responsible of “cookies” that any third party unrelated to our services may have installed on your computers´ hardware.

4. Links (Hyperlinks)

The web site can always provide links to other web sites. In case of using those links the main web is to be abandoned. Those Web sites have nothing to do/no connection with Hence, Flamagas, S.A. does not have any control over those web sites and is therefore not responsible of its content and privacy practices, as they may be different from Flamagas, S.A. Policy (

Flamagas, S.A. does not take responsibility for third party sites, its content, software, products or material and the use those web sites can make of personal details. Flamagas, S.A. does not assume responsibility of the consequences of using those web sites and therefore Flamagas, S.A. Policy ( does not protect personal data given to those third parties.

Before providing Personal data to any web site, Flamagas, S.A recommends checking its Privacy Policy. Some business may decide to share personal data with Flamagas, S.A.; according to their own privacy policy and the present law on Personal Data Protection.

5. Transfer and/or communcation of data

Flamagas, S.A. will not transfer any of their Users´ personal details. If for any reason Flamagas, S.A. has to hand over any data to a third party, the Client will always be asked for the data transfer consent.

6. Means of Security

Flamagas, S.A. ( adopts and provides all the necessary technical and organizational means that guarantees the Private Data security, and consequently prevent/ avoid their alteration, loss, and non authorized access and processing. The above mentioned means of security are specified in the Decree-Law. 994/1999, of June 11.

As an example, next we will mention some of the means stablished by Flamagas, S.A. in order to guarantee the confidentiality and privacy of Personal data:

Flamagas, S.A. has adopted means aimed at guaranteeing the integrity of data and its correct use such as an identity authentication system, physical access control measures of authorized personnel. Hence, Flamagas, S.A. employees are provided by password-protected screens properly disconnected when not at work. On their return staff must re-enter their password to access any Privacy Data. Flamagas, S.A. workers are perfectly conscious of the importance of the maintenance of the confidentiality and privacy of any Personal Data.

Flamagas, S.A. has adopted the necessary means to assure server network that contains protected information is always at a suitable location with a proper restricted access. The personal details collected via web forms ( will be added to the Data File through a reliable server.

However, the Client/User must be conscious that Flamagas, S.A. cannot guarantee an absolute security taking into account that Internet security measures are not impregnable. Therefore, Flamagas, S.A. does not take responsibility for any damage and /or expense that may affect the Client/User or any third party.

7. Rights to access, correct, cancel and oppose.

Those Clients/Users that have provided Flamagas, S.A. ( with their personal details can address Flamagas, S.A for any data access, correction, cancellation or opposition as they are the ones responsible of the Personal Data File.

Due to the very personal nature of these rights, it will be necessary that the affected Client submit Flamagas, S.A. the necessary identity evidence. The right of access will be performed annually, except for legitimate accreditate reason. Once the identity is checked, Flamagas S.A. will notify their decision within one month. If an affirmative response, the User can access the data 10 days after the notice.

The rights to correct, cancel and oppose can be executed according to the following provisions, as long as the Client considers the collected data is wrong incomplete, inadequate, or excessive. If that is the case, the Users/Clients can execute their rights through any of the above mentioned means.

Once your identity is verified, Flamagas, S.A. will proceed with the correction, cancellation or opposition within 10 days after receiving the request. The cancellation will result in the block of personal data, keeping them internally during three years only for Civil Administration, Judges and Tribunal uses, in order to take care of any responsibilities arised from the data processing. Once the deadline has expired, the person in control of the data processing will definitively delete it.

The rights to access, correct, cancel or oppose will be executed through a written notice to:

Flamagas, S.A.

Metalurgia, 38-42, second floor, 08038 Barcelona - Spain

8. Privacy Right

Flamagas, S.A. commits to professional secret regarding the data included in their files, a commitment that persists even after the relationship with the Client/User comes to an end. The above mentioned privacy right affects those Flamagas, S.A. employees that can access and process the Clients' data.

9. Policy change

Flamagas, S.A. ( reserves the right to modify the present Policy with the aim to adapt it not only to the new legislation or jurisprudence but also to any related code or corporate strategy reason. Those changes will be communicated with sufficient notice on our web page, without affecting the right to ask for the required consent of those which permission is not granted according to the terms of this present Policy.

Do not hesitate to contact us at for any further doubts, questions or observations referring the present Policy.